2014 Winners

Best of the Fest
Special Jury Award for Acting

Katerina Stoykova-Klemer in Proud Citizen
Proud Citizen
- Narrative Feature
1 hour 29 minutes
Director(s): Thom Southerland
Krasimira Stanimirova wins second place in a Bulgarian play writing contest. Her award is a trip to the United States, Kentucky to be exact, to see the world premiere of her communist-era, autobiographical play, 'Black Coat'. Expecting to meet with a warm welcome and southern hospitality, Krasi instead finds herself isolated and lonely in a hotel off an interstate. Exploring America on foot, Krasi must confront the reality that her play might not be such a big deal in the States. Along the way...

Best Narrative Feature

- Narrative Feature
1 hour 38 minutes
Director(s): Frank Hall Green
Mackenzie, a troubled but daring teenage girl, is sent by her struggling mother to live with her uncle in Juneau, Alaska. Although Uncle seems like a supportive caretaker and friend, the relationship turns and Mackenzie is forced to run. Trying to make her way back to Seattle alone to find her absent mother, Mackenzie only winds up deeper in the Alaskan interior. Lost and with no one else to turn to, she shadows a loner backpacker, Bartlett, an unlikely father figure with scars of his own....

Best Narrative Short

One Armed Man
- Narrative Short
27 minutes 4 seconds
Director(s): Tim Guinee
CW Rowe has it all. He owns the cotton gin, making him the wealthiest man in Harrison, Texas, and his ascendancy has solidified an unshakable belief in the system that enriched him. Few things ever interrupt the purity of his vision, with the exception of the weekly visit of a young man, Ned, who lost an arm in the gin's machinery. Ned is a little touched and believes CW can give him his arm back. On a normal day, he goes away when CW offers him five dollars. But today is anything but a normal...

Best Documentary Feature

Jingle Bell Rocks!
- Documentary Feature
1 hour 33 minutes
Director(s): Mitchell Kezin
From The Flaming Lips to The Free Design, JINGLE BELL ROCKS! is a trippy, cinematic sleigh-ride through the subculture of alternative Christmas music. Featuring hardcore collectors, legendary DJs & musicologists, record producers and Xmas obsessives like cult film auteur John Waters, director Mitchell Kezin's intimate & quixotic search for the SOUL of Christmas music, tells the stories behind twelve of the most profound Christmas songs ever recorded...Many of whom you've likely never...

Best Documentary Short

39 minutes 55 seconds
Director(s): Edgar Barens
Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall is a moving cinema verite documentary that breaks through the walls of one of Americas oldest maximum security prisons to tell the story of the final months in the life of a terminally ill prisoner and the hospice volunteers, they themselves prisoners, who care for him. The film draws from footage shot over a six-month period behind the walls of the Iowa State Penitentiary and provides a fascinating and often poignant account of how the...

Best Animated/Experimental Film

Lilly's Big Day
- Animation
4 minutes 42 seconds
Director(s): Berlin Demuth, Maezy Dennie, Medina Dennie, Ocean Demuth, Sol Demuth, Zaiyah Dennie
Lilly, a 10 foot tall orange monster, steps out for a special day at Wilma's Super Salon. What could go wrong? Everything! Patrons gasp and drown in the hair sinks as the affable giant bumbles her way through a beauty ritual like no other. Cut out animation created during Quickdraw Animation's 48 hour Animation Lockdown by The Bum Family, 6 Canadian cousins ages 4 to 11.